"often on shoots the communication feels so one way
it can feel you are talking to yourself
it is odd to have to perform with no tangible relationship to an audience
i guess it all comes down to a basic need for reassurance and praise.
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quoted from a note by nick knight during rei kawakubo's
autumn/winter 2004 'comme des garçons' collection shooting workshop at

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this is odd to perform with no tangible relationship to the audience.¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

this is something that comes to my mind very often during shows, sometimes it really goes like one breath or sound with the audience, the place, the musicians alltogether some others you really feel unfitted, separated, odd... in some way that is why i put out the cheat mode dispositive and i am looking forward to break the square screen way of display, to try to break those conventions and reward/punition system.
i respect the idea, deeply installed, that one performer, in the pure gesture, in the very resonnating sound, according to the alchemic ideology, can transfigure the world... i really believe in this regarding poetry but my experience taught me that it is impossible to perform the ultimate pure samsara jump alone as a subject.
on the contrary i am talking more and more these days about the work that consists in cutting the film material and pasting it, the cut in movies is the last noble form of art that appeared in our world, and it was performed by lonesome people working at night in the dark, just as in multimedia.
multimedia and digital art is only a reformulation of this discovery (special+c special+v) that is gaining the capability of live act, every forms of the multimedia were already existing but the speed of creation, the lightness of the equipment, it is very fast to learn, use and publish, very accessible... the lonesome performer in 1917 in his dark room is the origin of all this (like fritz lang's wife for example) and the collaborative participative live shows are the real aim.

it can feel you are talking to yourself.¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
you and the others, subject towards object is a key problem of the perception and expression of/to the world, i work on a fusionnal total fiction called ALUNDALE, it is the story of a spirit born in the use of the objects, 'a force de' manipulation of tools and objects, in return of the design problematics this is a spirit that explores the world using me and everybody as an interface
in the first edition of the website it was just a baby born, then it explored the sensuality problematics, intelligence towards senses separated as human customs let it believe
in the third edition it felt separated from the others, wondering what would happen if they rejected it, burried into being pure or being true problematics, being the keeper of the truth.
now it is asking about itself, his origins, his link to the land or the culture, he watches his reflection in a mirror to see him younger and older, if he can percieve his father's or mother's genes in his face, it understood that he could interfere on his external aspect and communication and wonders how others accept or percieve him, how he can influence this perception, and what are the consequences of this work on himself, sometimes when you allow a ray of light to hit your eye you can see the inside of your eyeball then you feel axious and separated from your body, sometimes you write or do something and then you realize that it is your hand doing it and in the little time between thought and action everything vanishes out of your prehension, sometimes you want to see you in a mirror and the light turn off, the mirror breaks, you do not recognize yourself, you feel bad about something you did and just look down, or you shout at yourself. it is a work in progress